At the intersection of the Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne and Bourgogne, Roanne is famous worldwide through the reputation of the Maison Troisgros, and provides visitors with all the advantages of a large tourist stopover. Those of you who are fond of nature, culture, enjoy its landscape, heritage and, naturally, its gastronomy, from top restaurants to little inns.

Rendez-vous in Roanne !

A stroll through the city will take you to the old centre of the 12th century keep to the 19th century Italian style theatre. Roanne is also the pleasure of water with its port on the banks of the Loire and the capital of fashion and textile design. Children and adults, with the family or together, everybody to Roanne, source of relaxation and well-being.

Roanne won an award at the EDEN contest in 2008 on the theme: Tourism and Intangible Heritage through its festival “Roanne Table Ouverte”.  This outstanding event in the calendar of gastronomy, which takes place each autumn, is also an opportunity to enjoy the Roanne region, its wealth and find a European tourist Destination of ExcelleNce in France.


Discovering Roanne !

  • The Joseph Déchelette Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology
  • Roanne, sporting city!
  • Charlieu and its Benedictine Abbey
  • The Franciscan Covent
  • The Roanne Canal
  • Ambierle
  • The Lac de Villerest

Around the Gastronomy of Roanne

  • The Maison Troisgros
  • The Maison Pralus
  • Côte Roannaise wines
  • The Papillotes Révillon


Dates for your dairy !

Many events around good food and tastes are featured in Roanne. The most famous is probably the Roanne Table Ouverte festival held each autumn. However, the region reveals other talents and the events calendar is full.


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