Tournus and the Mâconnais tournugeois


Tournus and the Tournugeois have been designated as Laureate EDEN Destination as a result of its efforts in the promotion of the local gastronomy and, more specifically, the Francos Gourmandes Festival.

A land of history and of discovery

Ideally situated half way between the north and the Mediterranean, the Tournugeois is at the very heart of an area where the hills and the River Saône provide the region with a sweetness of life that is incomparable. To the south of Burgundy, it already enjoys a gentle Mediterranean climate, but the Tournugeois is also blessed with a rich heritage: museums, Roman churches, châteaux… Its appeal will leave no one unmoved.


Land of Flavours

The Tournugeois is a stop-off that should not be missed by those wishing to experience gastronomy, with its 4 Michelin star chefs, numerous restaurants and local producers.

It is an area where the pace of life is marked by the rhythm of the gastronomic events that take place: traditional markets, gourmet trails through the city, the Puces des Cuisinières flea market...and don’t forget the Francos Gourmandes Festival that unfolds every year over 2 days. It combines concerts with the opportunity to sample treats and stock up on quality produce, but also to attend a great many live events that are held on the adjoining stage and that feature Michelin star chefs from all over France, invited especially for the occasion.

You can also discover the vineyards of the Mâconnais and the chardonnay grape variety that is grown there, which benefit from an exceptional location. White wines with floral notes and nuances of lemon, or of almond and hazelnut and even spices as well as reds and rosés… The choice is yours. To be enjoyed in moderation, of course!


Land of Leisure

The Tournugeois provides an extremely diverse range of landscapes, from the plains of Saône to the hillsides that have been planted with vines, from the limestone plateaux to the dense deciduous forests. Close to the confluence of the Saône and the Seille Rivers, the La Truchère Nature Reserve is a patchwork of natural habitats, without forgetting Fouget Pond, the peat bogs and the sand dunes.

The most traditional, and the most efficient, way to explore the Tournugeois is undoubtedly on foot, taking advantage of the different sign-posted itineraries that are available to you. Don’t forget, also, the cycling routes that criss-cross all of Burgundy.

Traversed by the Saône and the Seille Rivers, the Tournugeois is also an ideal starting point and stop off as you explore Burgundy along its waterways. Boat hire, cruises, trips with commentary, the choice is yours...


Land of Creativity

The tradition of arts and crafts has always been in evidence here in Tournus, whether it was during the Roman era, with its great construction works like the Abbaye Saint Philibert, or during the 18th Century and the works of painter Jean-Baptiste Greuze. In this way, the arts have always blossomed in Tournus.


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