Langres and the 4 lakes


The fortified city of Langres located at the gateway of Champagne and Burgundy, is home to a remarkable heritage.

Rendez-vous in Langres 

Monuments follow each other like in a history book: Gallo-Roman arch, cathedral, doors of Moulins, Renaissance houses, town houses, etc. Its three kilometres of ramparts show their view points, their towers, gates and passageways. This town of art and history is also the hometown of Denis Diderot, the great philosopher of the Enlightenment.

At the foot of the ramparts, there is a nature reserve with a part being classified as a National Park. Four lakes give you the possibility of various water sports and relaxation. Marked hiking trails reveal unusual sites, Auberive Abbey, Mausoleum of Faverolles, petrified waterfalls, springs known as the Meuse, the Marne, the Aube and the Seine, etc.

The Langres region and the four lakes, awarded in 2010 at the EDEN contest, on the theme: "Tourism and Aquatic areas" will delight you with its rich architectural heritage, its cultural life but also its ancestral skills such as basket making and cutlery, without forgetting the gourmet cuisine with cheese and truffle a la carte!

Come and relax, in the Haute Marne in one of the most beautiful cities in France and discover its hidden treasures, etc. Langres is a European tourist Destination of ExcelleNce in France.


Discovering Langres!

  • Langres
  • The Tour de Navarre
  • The four lakes
  • The famous cutlery works of Nogent
  • Basket making in Fayl-Billot
  • The Abbey of Auberive
  • The Gallo-Roman Mausoleum of Faverolles
  • The cheese of Langres
  • Walking and cycling routes


Dates for your dairy in Langres !

Take part in many events organized throughout the year in Langres and its region. Street shows, concerts and exhibitions will be featured in the city that gave birth to Denis Diderot, the second edition of the philosophy forum, etc.


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