Le Havre


City of Art and History, World Heritage of Humanity, Le Havre - Ocean Gate has played the card of change of use of derelict sites, for historical and economic reasons and has been the moving force of tourist development wanted by Antoine Rufenacht.

Rendez-vous in Le Havre

Thus, in the city's entrance, the docks, an old disused port warehouse of brick, wood and glass built in the late nineteenth, for storage of coffee, enjoyed a reclassification as a resort for recreation, cinemas, shops and restaurants on 60,000 m², along a basin itself converted into a second marina.

The military fort called Sainte-Adresse, dating from 1852, abandoned by the military authority in the 70s and overlooking the bay of Le Havre, has been turned into Hanging Gardens, honouring the botanist explorers of the past and present day.

In charge of the cruise business, growing rapidly (50 stops in 2009, 110 in 2012), the Office of Tourism has invested in a transformed former trade warehouse, with funding from the City and the Port, into a Cruise Terminal for a quality reception of people going on cruises.

Finally the former building of the Chamber of Commerce became a casino and four-star hotel, keeping, in addition to the essential adjustments for this new life, the remarkable decorative elements of the 1950s.

Le Havre, seafaring metropolis which won an award at the EDEN contest in 2011 on the theme: "tourism and reconverted Sites" has not rested on its laurels and has continued, in the dynamics of modernity, its tourism-based offer based of wealth going from impressionism, of which it is the cradle, to architectural modernity completed by water sports and tourism.

Come and discover a great European tourist Destination of ExcelleNce in France – The Place to Be.


Discovering Le Havre !

  • The town centre
  • Saint Joseph’s church
  • Auguste Perret show apartment
  • The ship owner’s house
  • The Hôtel Dubocage de Bléville
  • Andre Malraux Museum of Modern Art (Muma)
  • The military fort and its hanging gardens
  • The Volcano of Oscar Niemeyer (currently closed for renovation)
  • The sea port of Le Havre
  • The Pont de Normandie
  • The Vauban Docks
  • The Abbey of Graville
  • Harfleur, medieval district
  • The villas of Sainte-Adresse
  • The Abbey of Montivilliers


Dates for your dairy in Le Havre !

Many events throughout the year will make you appreciate the cultural life of Le Havre. Not to be missed this year: the exhibition event dedicated to the liner France whose memory remains closely tied to the city of Le Havre.


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