Pays du Coquelicot


The Pays du Coquelicot and protected areas of the Somme valley offer a variety of environments and iconic and historical landscapes that have the benefit of two European rankings. This natural heritage protected by valleys is clearly visible on the circuit of viewpoints along the bicycle path. The lock houses converted into tourist centres provide an opportunity towards these places of interpretation and active learning about the history of men along the river.

Rendez-vous in the Pays du Coquelicot

The ponds of the valley of the Haute Somme are a paradise for anglers and for going walking and cycling. They are discovered at the top of the viewpoints route overlooking the valley.

But, let's not forget the memory tourism with the Battle of the Somme, which happened in July 1916 and deeply marked the region. A route called "memory circuit" has been established. It is recognizable by a poppy flower, which became the emblem of the battle and British remembrance.

The "Pays du Coquelicot", received an award in 2009 at the EDEN contest on the theme: "Tourism and Protected Areas" and is one of  the outstanding European tourist Destinations of ExecelleNce in France.


Discovering the Pays du Coquelicot ! 

  • The viewpoints circuit of the Somme valley
  • The educational marsh of Méricourt-sur-Somme
  • The Eclusier-Vaux site and La Montagne de Notre Dame de Vaux
  • The Mountain of Frise
  • The neo-Byzantine basilica of Albert
  • The Art Deco circuit of Albert
  • The Somme 1916 Museum of Albert
  • The Museum of the Aeronatical Epic of Albert
  • The historic narrow gauge railway museum of Neuville-les-Bray
  • The town of Bray-sur-Somme, its church and its pretty harbour
  • Nautical activities


Dates for your dairy in the Pays du Coquelicot !

Take part in many events organized throughout the year by the Pays du Coquelicot and its region. Celebrations, festivals and air shows will be on the programme of events – put them in your diary without further delay...


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