Lorient area and the Ile de Groix


At the heart of southern Brittany, the Lorient area and the Ile de Groix, land of emotions, are rich with stories and legends. It is an endearing land of mariners, but also reveals a wealth of natural protected areas, a land of refuge for thousands of birds and land of election of an original flora.

Rendez-vous in Lorient

There are many attractions: Lorient, of course, is a city of art and history of the 20th century, rebuilt after the war and known around the world for its Inter Celtic Festival. It is nicknamed the city to five ports: military port, marina, fishing port (the second of France), trade port, passenger port. Recently a "sixth port" saw the day with the old submarine base that has taken on new colours.

Started in 2001, the conversion of the submarine base found a wide response among the general public with the coming in June 2012 and in 2015 of the "Volvo Ocean Race", one of the greatest yacht races in the world. This iconic historical site of Lorient has become a place for walking and sightseeing, with the opening of the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly in 2008. Tens of thousands of visitors have already discovered this place dedicated to the world of modern sailing. An esplanade of three hectares can now accommodate many events like the Tour de France or big popular concerts.

Nearby, the Ile de Groix, unique witness to the geological wealth of Brittany, is part of the European network of protected natural areas: "Natura 2000".

The country has many other treasures that visitors can discover on walks, enjoying Brittany mildness.

These are all good reasons to visit this European Tourist Resort of ExcelleNce which received an award at the EDEN contest in 2011 on the theme: Tourism and converted sites.


Discovering the area of Lorient and the Ile de Groix!

  • The Ile de Groix
  • The Gâvres peninsular
  • The little sea of Gâvres
  • Larmor Beach
  • The citadel of Port Louis
  • The Eric Tabarly sailing centre
  • The artistic crafts yard in Pont-Scorff
  • The zoo of Pont Scorff
  • The Fort du Loch
  • The Studs of Hennebont
  • The zoo of Pont Scorff


Dates for your dairy !

Festivals fill the streets and towns become scenes: the entire Lorient area invites you to the celebrations without forgetting the big boat races and the traditional fest-noz organized throughout the year in the various municipalities of the Lorient area.


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